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Pretty Princess


Please! Sometimes little Loki feels like a boy, others he feels like a girl. It’s little Tony’s birthday party, the theme is fairy tales and Loki decides to go as a princess. Tony is delighted with that but fools adults not, Odin loves his youngest son and makes clear when other parents start attacking Frigga for help Loki with his dress. And Howard Stark is cool with the Tony’s friend. P.S. You’re great and thanks for your fills. —anon


Aww, you’re very welcome! I love writing, and you guys are so great! I hope I do this prompt (and subject matter) justice.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the 600 Follower Fanfic Giveaway!



Stark parties were always the best. Whether they were New Year’s parties, Cinco de Mayo, or even just a “Hey, I’m bored on a Tuesday” party, everyone knew that if there was a party at the Stark house (no matter which Stark house), they were in for a good time.  So when it was time for little Tony Stark’s birthday party, it was simply common knowledge that Howard would pull out all the stops to give his boy the best party imaginable.

So when guests learned the party was a fantasy theme, and that all the children were encouraged to dress up, it simply icing on the cake (the large seven tier cake that Howard had commissioned for the party to look like a castle). Everyone eagerly dressed up their sons as princes and knights and their daughters as princesses and fairies.

Of course, the birthday boy himself had the best costume: he was a knight, custom armor and all. And if he had insisted that his armor be red and gold instead of the usual colors for armor…well, no one was going to say anything.

With the bouncy castles, medieval jousting, and all the usual trappings of a medieval fairy tale, Tony Stark’s birthday was going off without a hitch.

At least, until the Odinsons showed up.

Everyone had expected Odin Odinson to be at the party, considering the army general was the liaison between Howard Stark and the Army. The man was as straight laced as they came, and his wife Frigga was a dutiful homemaker.

Then there were the two boys. The oldest, Thor, was just like any boy his age, if not a bit burlier. Dressed in a typical knight, Thor wasted no time in joining Tony in fighting the “dragon” at the party (a very well paid British actor).

It was Loki that caught the attention of the parents at the party. The small boy was dressed in bright sequins and tulle of a princess dress, complete with a tiara in his dark hair.

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